Why have a one-to-one laptop program?

Today’s students will need many skills to be successful 21st Century citizens. While literacy and numeracy will always be our top priorities at Booragoon Primary School, it is also critical that students are able to create, collaborate and connect using technology. By teaching students to use technology effectively, the teachers at Booragoon aim to provide a rich and engaging curriculum that will prepare the students for the future.


What classes are covered by the program?
All classes from Years Four to Seven will be part of the one-to-one laptop program in 2014.


Why not use Windows computers?

Almost all schools that have a one-to-one laptop program use Apple MacBooks as their preferred machine. This is because these machines include simple yet powerful software that is perfectly suited to an educational setting. Also, the software and hardware are produced by the same company, making the machines far simpler to manage.


What if I don’t want to buy a computer?
The school has a limited number of computers that will be made available for these students to use when required in class. However, these machines may not be taken home.


What are the advantages of buying a MacBook?
Students have found that the ability to bring their computers (and their work) home enables them to extend their learning past the end of the school day. When students become excited about a project, they can continue to work on the task in their own time and share their learning with other members of their family.


Do I have to purchase from Winthrop Australia?
No. You are free to purchase your MacBook from any supplier you wish. However, Winthrop Australia is supplying the machines at a considerable discount to the Booragoon Community. While other suppliers may appear cheaper, it is important that you consider whether the AppleCare three-year extended warranty is included in the price.


What is AppleCare and do I need it?
If you purchase your machines from Winthrop Australia, you will receive a three-year AppleCare extended warranty. This means that if the laptop suffers a hardware failure at any time in the next three years, it will be repaired free of charge. This avoids a situation where you are faced with an expensive repair job.


Do I need insurance?
This is a decision for individual families. While the AppleCare extended warranty will cover any manufacturing fault with the machine, it does not cover theft or accidental damage. We recommend that you check your home insurance policy to see whether it covers accidental damage or theft of laptops. If it does not, you can purchase extra insurance for your laptop when you place your order with Winthrop Australia.


Do I need any accessories?
We strongly recommend that every family purchase an external hard drive to back up their child’s work. While machines can be replaced and repaired, student work cannot. Other accessories, such as cases, and bags are widely available.


Will the students use the computer all day long?
No. It is important that students learn using traditional methods as well as modern tools. It is also essential that students are active and take part in the arts.


What about Cyber-Safety?
All students participate in ongoing learning about cyber-safety and being a good digital citizen. The MacBooks also include useful software that enables parents to enforce time limits, set bedtimes and monitor their child’s Internet use.


I have more queries!
If you have any other questions about the one-to-one program, please contact Clayton Godwin, Deputy Principal, on 9317 2133 or email clayton.godwin@education.wa.edu.au

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