Booragoon Primary School 50th Anniversary


Nestled close to historical Wireless Hill Reserve, Booragoon Primary School was established in 1967, with little more than bushland surrounds. Today, Booragoon Primary School is a local intake school, with well-established buildings and grounds, providing an excellent educational environment for students and staff.


In 2017, Booragoon Primary School celebrates 50 years of service to education in the local area. To honour this achievement, the school is planning several events and activities, both at the school, and within the local community. There will be opportunities for past and present staff, students and their families to participate and celebrate throughout the year, as well as the current school community.


Activities will include memorabilia displays, special classroom activities, open classrooms, and a past staff and student commemorative assembly to be held at the school, culminating in a celebratory cocktail function at Tompkins on Swan.


If you are a past staff member, student or family member, the School would love to connect with you. For more information please email Booragoon Primary School via


Updates of upcoming events and communications can also be found on the Facebook page “Booragoon Primary 50th Anniversary” but if you click here you can see a summary of key dates relating to events throughout the year.


Click on the links below for minutes of the 50th Anniversary Committee Meetings.


May 2016


June 2016


August 2016


February 2017


March 2017





This photo is of two of the tawny frogmouths that live in our nature play area. They return to their nest every spring to have their babies and we love watching them raise their young year after year.