Chaplaincy at Booragoon PS


Booragoon Primary School is one of approximately 370 schools in Western Australia that has a Chaplain under the Federal Government’s National School Chaplaincy Program. Our Chaplain is Joyce Barrett who works two days a week, Monday and Tuesday from 8.30am – 4pm.  If you wish to contact Joyce, you can phone the school on 6274 1800.


What is a Chaplain?


YouthCARE is the organisation that employs chaplains across Western Australia. YouthCARE Chaplains are employed on a full or part-time basis to work within the school as a caring adult as part of a professional student services team by:


– Building relationships with students, families and staff.
– Offering pastoral care.
– Being a mentor.
– Providing additional practical help for teaching and administrative staff.
– Offering input into spiritual and ‘meaning of life’ questions.
– Being a positive role model.
– Providing a link between schools and local communities.


This photo is of two of the tawny frogmouths that live in our nature play area. They return to their nest every spring to have their babies and we love watching them raise their young year after year.