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Booragoon Primary School is building a learning environment that is technology-smart, technology-rich and that is facilitating learning both on and off campus, inside and outside of school hours. In 2010, due to our strong community support, the school initiated a parent funded Apple 1-1 laptop program in Year 4 and 5. The program has been successfully implemented and operational and has become embedded in the learning environments of Years 4-7. This program enables teachers to enrich the students’ learning tasks by having the power to use the technology at point of need.  Students are able to inquire, create, collaborate and communicate, when the task requires it, using the laptops at their desks or in any area of the school and to continue seamlessly at home. In addition to the 1-1 program, the school has trolleys of laptop computers available to classes to provide all students with the access to a diverse range of tools where and when they need them. The school has a strong focus on preparing students to be lifelong learners prepared for the ‘real’ world. Booragoon has excellent whole school curriculum programs with Literacy and Numeracy priorities, which includes embedding critical and information literacy through the use of technology.  Click here for further information regarding the 1-1 Laptop Program.


All classes have Interactive Whiteboard devices to use for whole class or small group activities which engage students and enhance their studies and opens the walls of the classroom to a global education. Mobile devices such as IPads are beginning to be used to assist students and staff to broaden the scope of learning tasks.


Many practice skills can be made more motivating for students using these technologies. We continue to explore and use technologies that empower students to become ethical, literate, self-directed learners who are able to solve problems and make a real difference in their own education and in their communities.


Our focus is on giving students the skills and knowledge to be able to:


  • Inquire with technology;
  • Create with technology;
  • Make ethical decision about the use of technology;
  • Operate technological devices and applications; and 
  • Communicate and collaborate through technologies

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