Principal’s Message


Welcome to Booragoon Primary School website.


February 8th 1967 was the official opening of our school for students Kindergarten to Year Seven. Like so many places, Booragoon Primary School has gathered many stories and experiences to share that are fun, friendly, dramatic and celebratory.


We have achieved excellence with all learning areas and learning teams and take pride in being a school of choice for our local community. Our teaching and learning is designed to be challenging, innovative and supportive for all students and is reflected in the school vision statement of ‘aspiring to be a caring and collaborative community of lifelong learners.’


Our educational philosophy is based upon students having the ability and willingness to learn and continue learning throughout their lifetimes. All schools have a crucial role in helping students become successful learners in an increasingly complex society. To enable the students at Booragoon Primary School to achieve their academic and social potential, our school has developed a strong positive, collaborative and cooperative culture within the school community. In this context, the learning needs of students, the professional knowledge and enthusiasm of staff and the expectations of the community are used to establish quality learning and teaching programs and to maximise the educational opportunity and potential for each student.


The achievement of this culture relies on the strong sense of community within the school and the establishment of processes where all groups within the school community feel valued, and have a clear role within the operations and decision-making processes of the school.


Today, this is very evident at Booragoon Primary School where we have established and developed a school community based on collaboration and cooperation. Our vision is recognised in the development and achievements of our students and staff. The qualities of the educational programs and staff at Booragoon Primary School are recognised in our own community, across our state and Australia. Our students experience a high quality teaching and learning program from a very motivated, enthusiastic and experienced staff. The experiences and activities received across all learning areas prepare them well for the challenges of the future.


Barbara Horan


This photo is of two of the tawny frogmouths that live in our nature play area. They return to their nest every spring to have their babies and we love watching them raise their young year after year.