Booragoon Primary School Staff 2021



Barbara Horan –


Deputy Principals

Megan Casas –

Clayton Godwin –


Manager Corporate Services

Julie Green –


School Officers

Jayne Berry –


Teaching Staff

Judith Althorpe –

Tania Baldwin –

Tara Berriche –

Matt Cecins –

Lenka Del Rosso –

Celeste Dos Santos –

Kelly Drabble –

Claudine Fernandez  –

Janette Hamill –

Susan Leach –

Kym Leather – 

Catherine Lindsay –

Keith Marston –

Melinda Marston –

Emilee McDermott-

Jacinta Murphy –

Nicolee Neale –

Diane Pursell –

Shona Robinson –

Marnie Smith –


Kym Strachan –

Carolyn Visser –

Noelene Waldron –

Coralie Walker –

Judy Wan –

Carol Waters –

James Walsh –



Library Officer

Chenelle Leatt-Hayter-



Adam Semple – 



Joyce Barrett –

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